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As an ideology, AGEIVISM is founded on theory and study. In this section we will try share new academic writings, both theoretical as well as empirical.

Doron, I. (2018) The Human RIghts Defender, 4(1), 35-38 


Ageism is the negative social and cultural construction of old age. From a social-policy perspective, it seems that "active aging" has become one of the dominant policy frameworks in response to global aging and ageism. This article will argue that "active aging" is not enough to overcome ageism. What is missing is "Ageivism": an ideology stressing the importance of political self-identity and social-activism of older persons.

Academic article:

Gerontological Activism

Agmon, M., Doron, I., Ergon-Karlin, S. (2018). Educational Gerontology, 44(7), 447-458.


This article describes and discusses a novel academic course founded by the Faculty of Welfare and Health Studies at the University of Haifa, Israel, which tried to establish an alternative interaction between graduate students and older persons as part of its graduate academic program. The course “Social Activism and Old Age: From Exclusion to Inclusion” brought together senior citizens from the neighborhoods of the northern city of Haifa and graduate students at the Faculty of Welfare and Health Studies at the University of Haifa. Now in its fourth year, this course has shown that academic education and training in the field of gerontology and aging studies can be shaped in ways which provide meaningful intergenerational learning and that old age activism can be achieved within a broader context of university–community partnership (UCP).

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